Select Art Trail 2019 with Stroud International Textiles


This year I am delighted to be exhibiting as part of The Select Art Trail, on 12th-13th and 18th-19th May 2019. I am very lucky to be able to show my work alongside my friend and neighbour, artist Hannah Linfoot, who very generously offered me a space at her lovely home, right on the top of Minchinhampton Common (Chesapeake, Moor Court, Amberley, GL5 5GA).

There are also many other Amberley Artisans exhibiting within walking distance (see examples of work below); Alison Vickery, Galina Gardiner, Clare Bassett, Nicki Schmiegelow (with guest artist Barbara Spence), Steve Mansfield, Tom Knowles Jackson and Adrian Bates. Alice Sheppard Fidler and Daisy Murdoch also have studios open during those weekends. With such talent and variety, with beautiful views and good pubs for walkers, we are hoping many people will take the opportunity to make the most of Amberley as part of the wider trail. I am noting down many other locations around the Five Valleys that I must try and get to.

So please do come along. I will be using the occasion to show lots of new things, and would love to see you.

Four new fabrics, lots of new ideas

I am delighted to be launching four new fabric designs on my website today. Forming more of a mini-collection, working along a loose theme, rather than a full bi-annual collection – I hope these four designs all strike a note in their own right. There are many more designs to follow, in my head, on paper, and in the pipeline... but the sporadic approach is just how life is these days.

I have come to realise I am very much someone who likes to see a job finished. I am a finisher: this is my natural state... or I should say, it was. Ideally, I like something to be completed, and I would rather stay up far too late, but work in the detail. Not knowing when to stop, is more of the issue here... I have never been good at keeping things simple. But since having my kids, I have had to come to accept things happen at a different pace. Work is in snatched moments, work is whilst cooking supper, and most of all, work is at night. Furthermore, my business is funded by itself, and in fits and starts. I can't always bring something out when I am ready. I can't always be ready, when I want to be ready. But I have discovered that this doesn't matter as much as I thought it did. It can be very frustrating, and things may not be happening at the pace I would have once expected of myself, but it is happening all the same. The same applies to my garden and my house. Imagine if it ever felt 'done'! 

So some of these designs have been around longer than others, but that allows me to see there is a common thread. The inspiration for each fabric spans the seasons; from daisies to snowdrops, but they all focus on the delicate details. Things I spot, whenever I spot them, seem to catch my eye for their undisturbed beauty, and that is what I try to capture. Sometimes nature has almost already worked out the repeat; I spotted it for its pattern. At other times, the pattern came about through experimentation; shuffling elements about on page or screen. So my process is also sporadic now... more unpredictable than the former me would have allowed. But somehow things hang together, and then I just need to get it to you. Which is what I have been doing lately.

So Mariesii, Daisy Daisy, Sycamore and Romilly are available in a range of colours, from bright to subtle. And if there is a colour I haven't got, please talk to me about custom colourways (on orders over 5m).

I have some cushions ready made, but can make up more to order if this runs out, or if you want something a bit different. Like this long bolster cushion in Mariesii (Jay Blue) with hot pink contrast piping. Let your imagination run wild! Or let mine run wilder, if you like... just get in touch. Lampshades too, and of course curtain and blind fabric by the metre, are available to order via this site or email

Mariesii in Jay Blue

Mariesii in Jay Blue

That's it for now... but just incase you are interested in what else has been going on with me lately, this little gallery below sums up my summer. Or at least it sums up what has been inspiring me, and leaves out a lot of the less inspiring bits: telling children to stop arguing, constant meal making, emptying out old picnic bags, drying swimming gear, answering emails. You don't need me to show you what that is like, I am sure. 

Open Studios 2017

I am very pleased to be exhibiting in my first Open Studios event this May, based in my beautiful Cotswold village of Amberley, Stroud. I was invited to join in by fantastic artist Alison Vickery as part of the SVA Site Festival , which sees many studios open up in and around Stroud. In Amberley alone, we have 10 unique exhibitors, as part of the Site trail or as part of the SIT Select Trail that runs in tandem. 

At 'Morven' (GL5 5AS) Alison's lovely home, Alison has also invited oil painter Galina Gardiner, and driftwood sculptor Steve Mansfield to be part of our 'hub'. Four very different but complimentary artists under one roof; please do take the time to check out their websites if you are interested. 

Across the village other artists include printmaker and painter Clare Bassett, oil painter Daisy Murdoch, potter Tom Knowles Jackson, knitted textiles designer/maker Nicki Schmiegelow, jewellery designer/maker Barbara Spence, and ceramicist Jo Lowde. It surely must be the perfect excuse to come and wander round our village, on National Trust common land, taking in the surroundings and stopping off here and there to see original artists. I hope to see you there!

Amberley Open Studios 2017 front
Amberley Open Studios 2017 inside

April Interiors Show, Cheltenham Racecourse (from CABMFF)

On Monday 24th April I will be at the 'April Interiors' Show at Cheltenham Racecourse. My first event like this. I hope it goes well! Three kids at home on Easter hols and one husband away in NYC until (hopefully) the morning of the show means my preparation has been haphazard, to say the least, but I am slowly wading through my to-do list and will be elated when I get there and it is happening. If you are attending, please do come and say hello and pick up some samples from me. Wish me luck!

May Bank Holiday, Shipping discount!

To celebrate the May Bank Holiday please enter the discount code BLUEBELL to your order at the checkout, to receive free or discounted shipping to the UK, depending on the size of your order. This offer ends at midnight on Monday. This cold weather hopefully ends sooner!

Susie Hetherington Textiles

New Year, new projects, new fabrics

Before I knew if, Christmas was over, the year was new, and we were back to early mornings and the school run. But before getting my nose completely back to the grindstone I thought it worth documenting a couple of projects I finished over the break. One, a very garish lampshade made from lots of my fabric off-cuts and colourways that I didn't end up printing, is now lighting my sitting room and definitely brightens the whole place up. Mind you, I am quite keen on a bit of clash.

Other projects include this teepee for my three daughters. I was tempted to make it entirely out of pattern but couldn't justify the cost... so they ended up with a calico teepee with trim of Peony Bee in Dandelion. I can't say they've noticed. But, it has been popular, and I am often asked in to the teepee for tea. However, we now need an extension to accommodate it. I had better sell some more fabric.

The rest of the holiday was spent keeping three young children amused in the rain. Roll on Spring!

Happy Christmas! It's offer time!

It has been a REALLY busy few weeks for me (and everyone no doubt), with the run up to Christmas seeing me running around like a headless chicken. Or a headless turkey. Sorry, that was rather crude.

In the last few weeks I have had some exciting fabric deliveries of two new designs, and so am busy photographing and refining colourways, with the intention of making them available to all in the New Year.

In the meantime, the house – now newly decked in Christmas wonderment by my kids, is feeling rather full! So I am offering free postage and packaging on cushions for the next few days, in order to see if I can spread the cushion love and make some space for all the Christmas presents I soon expect to receive. This will run until Tuesday December 15th at midnight.

This photo shows all of the stock currently available here, and is summarised in the list below. You will see zero cost added to your cart for postage and packing.

From top left of image:
Mistletoe & Ivy in Coral, 40cm, £46
Epworth Corydalis in Sage, 40cm, £46
Under Hillway Coppice in Ruby, 40cm, £46
Peony Bee in Dandelion, 30cm, £40
Littleworth in Mint, 40cm, £46 (3 available)
Mistletoe & Ivy in Coral, 30cm, £40 (2 available)
Epworth Corydalis in Sage, 30cm, £40
Mistletoe & Ivy in Mint, 30cm, £40
Epworth Corydalis in Ruby, 40cm, £46
Peony Bee in Dandelion, 40cm, £46 (2 available)
Littleworth in Coral, with a dark grey reverse, 40cm, £46

So please go to the Cushion pages of this website and select your order


All in a day's work

These days, and in fact in the last five years worth of days, all my work is fitted round children. Currently my third child is very small, and I have no childcare for her, so all my work happens in the evening, or when she naps, or when I can distract her enough to allow me to answer an email. It is a juggle, but it is not like I am a big shot lawyer or a doctor. No one is going to die if I am distracted. I have no boss to answer to... apart from the children. I am really hugely lucky.

Though the organisational, practical side of what I do is often a struggle to combine with motherhood, the beauty of doing something I love, and something creative, is that the part of my brain left to do it doesn't clock on and off. It is there, buzzing away, whether I realise it or not. Even though I am unbelievably tired most of the time, despite this, on my walk up to the school gates I so often see something on the way that catches my eye and makes me reach for my phone to take a photo. A trip to the playground might also be an opportunity to spot trees or birdlife that might one day make it into a sketch, which makes the playground a whole lot more interesting for me than it might be otherwise (don't tell the kids). And more recently, I haven't been able to visit a friend's house without imagining their home as a potential photoshoot for my textiles. It is just as well I have a bunch of generous friends with inspiring houses. 

The only downsides; not enough hours in the day, and the occasional insomnia riddled night. Perhaps sometimes it would be good to be able to switch the idea switch off.

Amberley Art Trail, September 2015

Sample cards, cushions, lampshades and sketchbooks on display

Sample cards, cushions, lampshades and sketchbooks on display

From sketchbook, to block, to cushion on a comfy sofa

From sketchbook, to block, to cushion on a comfy sofa

This weekend I am really pleased to be exhibiting in a great new local art trail in Amberley. A selection of my cushions and lampshades, alongside my sketchbooks and my lino blocks, are on display amongst the work of other craftspeople and artists, so please come along if you are nearby. 

September 19th & 20th, 11am-4pm, Starting at Amberley Post Office

More info found here