All in a day's work

These days, and in fact in the last five years worth of days, all my work is fitted round children. Currently my third child is very small, and I have no childcare for her, so all my work happens in the evening, or when she naps, or when I can distract her enough to allow me to answer an email. It is a juggle, but it is not like I am a big shot lawyer or a doctor. No one is going to die if I am distracted. I have no boss to answer to... apart from the children. I am really hugely lucky.

Though the organisational, practical side of what I do is often a struggle to combine with motherhood, the beauty of doing something I love, and something creative, is that the part of my brain left to do it doesn't clock on and off. It is there, buzzing away, whether I realise it or not. Even though I am unbelievably tired most of the time, despite this, on my walk up to the school gates I so often see something on the way that catches my eye and makes me reach for my phone to take a photo. A trip to the playground might also be an opportunity to spot trees or birdlife that might one day make it into a sketch, which makes the playground a whole lot more interesting for me than it might be otherwise (don't tell the kids). And more recently, I haven't been able to visit a friend's house without imagining their home as a potential photoshoot for my textiles. It is just as well I have a bunch of generous friends with inspiring houses. 

The only downsides; not enough hours in the day, and the occasional insomnia riddled night. Perhaps sometimes it would be good to be able to switch the idea switch off.