New Year, new projects, new fabrics

Before I knew if, Christmas was over, the year was new, and we were back to early mornings and the school run. But before getting my nose completely back to the grindstone I thought it worth documenting a couple of projects I finished over the break. One, a very garish lampshade made from lots of my fabric off-cuts and colourways that I didn't end up printing, is now lighting my sitting room and definitely brightens the whole place up. Mind you, I am quite keen on a bit of clash.

Other projects include this teepee for my three daughters. I was tempted to make it entirely out of pattern but couldn't justify the cost... so they ended up with a calico teepee with trim of Peony Bee in Dandelion. I can't say they've noticed. But, it has been popular, and I am often asked in to the teepee for tea. However, we now need an extension to accommodate it. I had better sell some more fabric.

The rest of the holiday was spent keeping three young children amused in the rain. Roll on Spring!