Four new fabrics, lots of new ideas

I am delighted to be launching four new fabric designs on my website today. Forming more of a mini-collection, working along a loose theme, rather than a full bi-annual collection – I hope these four designs all strike a note in their own right. There are many more designs to follow, in my head, on paper, and in the pipeline... but the sporadic approach is just how life is these days.

I have come to realise I am very much someone who likes to see a job finished. I am a finisher: this is my natural state... or I should say, it was. Ideally, I like something to be completed, and I would rather stay up far too late, but work in the detail. Not knowing when to stop, is more of the issue here... I have never been good at keeping things simple. But since having my kids, I have had to come to accept things happen at a different pace. Work is in snatched moments, work is whilst cooking supper, and most of all, work is at night. Furthermore, my business is funded by itself, and in fits and starts. I can't always bring something out when I am ready. I can't always be ready, when I want to be ready. But I have discovered that this doesn't matter as much as I thought it did. It can be very frustrating, and things may not be happening at the pace I would have once expected of myself, but it is happening all the same. The same applies to my garden and my house. Imagine if it ever felt 'done'! 

So some of these designs have been around longer than others, but that allows me to see there is a common thread. The inspiration for each fabric spans the seasons; from daisies to snowdrops, but they all focus on the delicate details. Things I spot, whenever I spot them, seem to catch my eye for their undisturbed beauty, and that is what I try to capture. Sometimes nature has almost already worked out the repeat; I spotted it for its pattern. At other times, the pattern came about through experimentation; shuffling elements about on page or screen. So my process is also sporadic now... more unpredictable than the former me would have allowed. But somehow things hang together, and then I just need to get it to you. Which is what I have been doing lately.

So Mariesii, Daisy Daisy, Sycamore and Romilly are available in a range of colours, from bright to subtle. And if there is a colour I haven't got, please talk to me about custom colourways (on orders over 5m).

I have some cushions ready made, but can make up more to order if this runs out, or if you want something a bit different. Like this long bolster cushion in Mariesii (Jay Blue) with hot pink contrast piping. Let your imagination run wild! Or let mine run wilder, if you like... just get in touch. Lampshades too, and of course curtain and blind fabric by the metre, are available to order via this site or email

Mariesii in Jay Blue

Mariesii in Jay Blue

That's it for now... but just incase you are interested in what else has been going on with me lately, this little gallery below sums up my summer. Or at least it sums up what has been inspiring me, and leaves out a lot of the less inspiring bits: telling children to stop arguing, constant meal making, emptying out old picnic bags, drying swimming gear, answering emails. You don't need me to show you what that is like, I am sure.