I draw directly from nature, (or more often, from photos I take of nature on my phone)... sketching the little details that have caught my eye. Sometimes bits and pieces from my sketchbooks end up on screen, where I play around with how they might repeat, but mostly I do things the old fashioned way; cutting my sketches up into tiles and rearranging their sequence to form the repeat.

I carve my design into lino; a process I find hugely satisfying and addictive. The moment of lifting the first print; seeing the results of your labour, is one that never fails to be exciting.

I am drawn to textiles and love to print my patterns on linen using water-based inks. I love the inky imperfections... the occasional patch of lighter pressure or a blurred edge.

In order to print in larger lengths I decided to take these hand printed designs back to the screen and have them reproduced digitally, in the UK, to make them available as a collection for soft furnishings. By creating the digital fabric from several instances of the original block, the fabrics retain the hand-crafted feel I love so much.